Artist(s): Marcelo Vasami
Track(s): Laval Station
Remixers: Tvardovsky, Tash
Release Date: 14/12/2014


Marcelo Vasami has been an integral part of Movement Recordings for the last several years. The Argentinean producer has contributed an original and a remix for the Greek imprint over that time. He continues to be one of his country's most in demand DJ talents and has appeared on both Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music and Darin Epsilon's Perspectives Digital in 2014. Now we see Marcelo returning to Movement Recordings for his third overall appearance and a second single entitled 'Laval Station' which includes remixes from Tvardovsky and Tash.

Marcelo made his mark in the electronic music underground with a deep and hypnotic sound which quickly became his trademark. With the continual support of Hernan Cattaneo Marcelo rose up the production ranks at a rapid pace and his unique sound spawned it's fair share of imitators. 'Laval Station' proves to be one of Marcelo's most meticulous dance floor creations to date.  The Argentinean producer's deep grooves and detailed drum work has never been stronger. Gaseous sweeps along with a complement of trippy electronics assault your senses over the first half while a tension filled break sets up an invigorating conclusion. Definitely one for an educated dance floor.

The first interpretation of 'Laval Station' is supplied by Tvardovsky who is returning to Movement Recordings for his second appearance. The Ukrainian producer has been enjoying the best year of his career with recent productions for Parquet Recordings and Proton Music. The Tvardovsky sound has evolved immensely in 2014 and his interpretation of 'Laval Station' is further proof of that. From its deep and sultry first half to its blissful and musically inspired breakdown the Ukrainian producer has truly out done himself here. An enchanting record that wins you over not only for its distinctive melodies but also its modern groove.

The second and final interpretation of 'Laval Station' is supplied by Movement Recordings label boss Tash. Fresh off a remix for 'Act To The Right' by the Magnetic Brothers the Greek producer is once again back in the production spotlight. After a busy summer of events Tash has been refocused in the studio of late and it's really paying off. His interpretation of Marcelo's 'Laval Station' has already been played by Hernan Cattaneo on his much loved Resident podcast and a after a quick listen it's not hard to see why the legendary DJ has taken such a liking to the track. Tash's revision has used all the great elements from Marcelo's original and reinvented them over a moody, minimalistic groove that's perfect for the dance floor. The atmospheric second act ups the emotional content but keeps the reserved contemporary vibe well intact. A standout interpretation from Tash which rounds out another excellent release on Movement Recordings.


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