Savrun Brothers

Their ambition to electronic music started in early 90's. They were inspired by some great groups and artists, such as Faithless, Prodigy, and Underworld.

In early 2000's, They have started observing Djs and Producers in Ankara Turkey. Altough, they had already started his music archive, then they decided to take this more seriously by getting himself a setup. They had his friends listening to his sets, and their first criticism was highly positive intent.

Thereupon, Savrun Brothers have been Djing incessantly since 2003. In their career, they have performed with Jonas Saalbach, Marc Poppcke, Stavroz, Midas 104, Infinity Ink, Eli & Fur, Mark Knight, Andy Bros,Victor Ruiz, Oliver Huntemann, Alex Niggemann, Tash, Cid Inc in many places in the world, such as UK , Netherlands , USA , Cyprus and Turkey.

They are also the founder of the first electronic music radio which is Radio T (96.6 MHz / FM) in Northern Cyprus. Savrun Brothers mesmerize their crowd mixing Progressive House and Techno sounds in their sets.

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