James Trystan

After killer releases on Bedrock and Suara - 2017 sparked into life for James through a huge, tastemaker and specialist conquering EP on Sascha Braemer’s What I Play, which was quickly followed by ‘Black Magic’ - a full-bodied, Ibiza slaying collab with Barber on the enigmatic Flashmob.

And further proving those DJ credentials set some ten years ago through regular slots at The Cross, MoS and The Key - James has been building fanbases in burgeoning hot-spots like Ukraine, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Bali and Singapore; while strengthening German profile via frequent gigs at Sisyphos and knocking at the major league door with a guest spot at Womb, Japan.

His scene-wide reputation as a DJ gig / tour self-starter, has since spurred him on to create his very own touring agency - Flow; one whose roster already boasts Animal Picnic, Aaron and Djuma Soundsytem. And this passion for collaborating with producers is key for James artistically too, as he continues to work with long time partners Rory Gallagher and Barber, while also beginning a fruitful new partnership with the widely revered Third Son that's set to become a new hotbed for Trystan bombs.

Speaking of James’ future arsenal - soon after emerging from a lengthy Winter tour of Asia, he’s straight out the musical traps with a Spring EP on Dear Deer (ft. Jonas Saalbach remix) as well as early Summer releases on major labels


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