Jonas Saalbach

The world of Techno is not round. You will find edges and vacuum in it. Jonas Saalbach is one of thoose, who moves between these.

From time to time he is sending underground beats through the world and then he is producing bigfloor tracks. From a small town in the south of Germany he went into the urban jungle called Berlin. He made his way with passion. First as a DJ, later as a Live Act and fulltime producer.He constantly worked on his fan base, which is traveling with him from Berlin to Dubai, via Beirut and London. With his performance at Fusion Festival in 2015 he made it to the big stages. Never the less Jonas Saalbach is still trying to find the balance. Out of the niche, into the big crowded gigs and back to small clubs, where everything started.

After his successful longplayers “Ancient Lake“ and "Perspective", which was released on Einmusika Recordings, he is trying to spread his story with releases and remixes on labels like Bedrock, Moodmusic or Katermukke. His main goal is quality. With an own radio show in San Francisco and a hand full of new and unique projects, his story will be filled with luck in the next years.


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