Alejandro Manso

From an early age, Alejandro Manso knew that he just wanted to make music. While listening to artists such as Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, James Holden, and Alexander Paul Coe (A.K.A. Sasha) he made up his mind that one day, he too would take his love for music to another level..

 He got his chance, spinning sets at various underground night clubs in his home town of Mexico City. But that wasn't enough for Alejandro, it was a different style of music that he wanted to hear coming out of those massive speakers. So he started working, putting all of his time and energy into refining a unique, atmospheric brand of Progressive House that he could call his own. His hard work finally paid off in 2014 when his dreams came true with his first release, Jupiter and Venus on BQ Recordings. 

Since then, Alejandro continues to refine his technique, every release and every remix a step closer to the perfect sound that he want to share with the world. With the aid of notable labels such as Abstract Space Records, Suffused Music, Old Sql Recordings, Just Movement , Revelation Records, Mystic Carousel Records, Inmost Records the range of his music has surpassed both his county and continent, reaching listeners around the globe.

While composing music is his true calling, he stays true to his roots, mixing guest sets for Feelin Frisky, Balkanians Radio Show on Proton Radio, and hosting a bi-monthly show on Deep House Parade Huehuecoyotl.

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